AI in Customer Service: How it Works & How it Aids CX

Many customer service professionals say that basic questions like “what’s my user number? For over 20% of the respondents, 50 to 75 percent (or more) of their workload consists of simple requests. Well, based on current research, they’re likely missing out on opportunities to reduce call volumes, provide a better customer experience—and add to their […]

Setting Up Blockchain Based Crypto Like Bitcoin Wallet On Local System

If you follow all the above-mentioned steps, you will definitely end up making a solution that fits your project. Reconsider all the points before choosing and finalizing anything. Be prepared to invest your time and efforts in building your blockchain application. That way, you can change data on a blockchain and also customize its logic. […]

IoT Development Company IoT Development Services Hire IoT Developer

We help automate processes like location tracking, industrial machine operations, proximity alerts, and machine learning. The Internet of Things by itself describes the system that connects several computing devices, allowing them to communicate among themselves using internet connectivity. In other words, more than hardware or software, IoT is the technology that interconnects all of these […]